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at work!

It's your typical boy-meets-girl tale: a vibrant & optimistic graphic designer springs into the life of a kind-hearted and low-key mechanical shop manager, helping him breath new life into his marketing efforts AND showing him how joyful his life could be...

Hahaha - no, this isn't the next Harper-Collins novel! But we really did bond over our appreciation of a good pun and our values: dedication to our work and loved ones, being considerate towards others, and squeezing every bit of adventure out of life. 

Nearly two years passed before Lee worked up the courage to ask Loryn out, and after 2 attempts (I already had plans, I SWEAR!), she said yes to a double date for Lee's birthday on 11/27/15. 


Our first trip together to The Cape

12/26/15  •  Wellfleet, MA


Our first trip to Disney together

6/12/16  •  Magic Kingdom

THE proposal...


After 7 incredible years, Lee decided it was time to make it official. Woop woop! With encouragement from Loryn's sister, Lee booked a 4 day trip to Walt Disney World, beginning on Christmas Day 2022, and planned to propose on 12/26. The universe, or should we say, Southwest Airlines, had different plans!


This story is best told in person, so ask us for the details!, and we also have a 100 page photo album detailing the entire experience. After arriving at Baltimore International Airport for their layover on Christmas night, and 14 flight cancellations later, they finally left Maryland on Tuesday 12/27 in a rented Ford Mustang and drove down 18 hours to Florida, right to their friend Carlos' house.

Lee's proposal dreams certainly did not include sleeping in the airport, not showering, and hiding the ring box in his sweatshirt pocket for four days. 

Alas, this trip was still incredibly dreamy-- please ask us about it!-- and we're sure that Walt Disney himself was smiling down on us. On Friday 12/29, Loryn and Lee ventured to Animal Kingdom, their favorite Disney park. While Loryn was most concerned about their next FastPass and ordering Flame Tree BBQ for lunch, Lee led her to the most perfect, beautiful spot in the park behind the Tree of Life. After taking some goofy photos with photographer Tim, Lee asked Tim to video "what was going to happen next".

It was so beautiful, you just had to be there :) Thanks to Tim, we have a perfect video where you can hear everything Lee said, hear the cheers from the Disney guests waiting in line for a photo, and see Lee slide the ring back into his pocket (..not on Loryn's finger..) before getting his phone back from Tim.

The cutest blunder by a very nervous Lee was a blessing, because then Tim took photos of Lee placing the ring on Loryn's finger. He captured it all! 

(Shout out to Tim! Go to Animal Kingdom.. Find Tim! Take great photos!
And no, we didn't know him before this! It was Disney magic!)

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